Product & Services

Design and manufacturing of Vapour Recovery Units Applications including Gasoline, Crude Oil, Solvents and Chemicals.

Emission monitoring and testing (EU and EPA standards).

VRU services and maintenance (covering all technologies and brands), 24/7 SLA emergency service, extensive parts inventory.

Energy Saving Systems.

Recovered Product Measurement.

Engineering Services: Revamping of existing units, PLC retrofit, PC based Supervision control systems, Remote assistance and monitoring.

Vaper Recovery System

Any VOC recovery system is designed to accomplish the following targets

To reduce emissions of substances which are environmentally hazardous.

To reduce safety and environmental risks in the distribution of products.

To reduce significant losses of valuable energy resources and products.

Vapour Recovery Units

Vaper Recovery Units are designed to recover gasoline (diesel) vapours, crude oil vapours (including high sulphur crude), chemicals vapours.

Vaper Recovery Units can accomplish any emission limit currently valid: 10 g/Nm3 and TA-LUFT 150 mg/Nm3.

Vaper Recovery Units are equipped with energy-saving features which substantially reduce the energy consumption and extend the unit life time.

Vaper Recovery Units operational availability is above 98%, including maintenance.

Vapour Recovery Technologies

Activated Carbon Adsorption Vapour Recovery.

Refrigeration Condensation Vapour Recovery.

Lean Oil Absorption Vapour Recovery.

Membrane Technology.


Engineering is the discipline, art and profession of acquiring and applying technical, scientific, and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective or invention.

Vaper Recovery Units's engineers, with their many years of field experience, are your best qualified partner to identify any problem, to give you any possible information in order to evaluate costs an benefits coming form a good working VRU.

The team developed lots of peculiar software solutions. They're capable to dimension correctly your new VRUs, in order to manage the whole amount of vapors you generate, to respect your laws in terms of emissions and to grant the highest possible volume of fresh product recovered.

Vaper Recovery Units's engineers are constantly trained, with cross platform exchange of experience and documentation. The highest the skill level, the best the solution. Internal seminars, worldwide exibitions participation, vertical training, market analisys, all of this are parts of continuos growing of the team knowledge. This way Vaper Recovery Units grants you always the actual solution, the best equipments, helping you in the right decision making.